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Welcome letter

Dear Doctors and Colleagues,

The Working Group on Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy welcomes you to the Annual Congress. After successful meetings in Rome and Tel Aviv, we will meet for the 7th time, this year in Vienna, Austria at the beautiful venue of the Imperial Riding School. Delegates from all regions of Europe are invited to the one and a half day meeting from May 17 to18.

An attractive program has been compiled that will meet the interest of researchers, clinicians and practitioners. In around a dozen of sessions, the clinically relevant advances in pharmacotherapy will be presented in focused 20-minute presentations. This year we highlight pharmacotherapy at different ages, i.e. in the young, the middle-aged and the - sometimes neglected - old patient. Topics will cover heart failure, metabolic diseases and many other cardiovascular fields.

Herewith we invite and welcome you to our congress in Austria.


Heinz Drexel, MD, FESC, FAHA

Professor of Medicine
Chair of the WG   

Alexander Niessner, MD, MSc, FESC

Associate Professor
Vice Chair of the WG
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